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    Saturday, September 26, 2015

    Success derives from learning

    To be successful you have to have your goal. which leads you to success.

    Reasons are real and personable and this is what people need to hear from professional on-line business owners. There are many "quick scams" on the internet that people are tired of hearing someone spew out comments that are not the real story nor even from the person who states it. Simply put - the more real you are with your prospects the more drawn they will be to you.

    It is important to share with you what your "bottom" looked like before you found SFI and how SFI is a match to you as a business owner/entrepreneur.

    Your statements need to reflect all the aspects of who you are as a person - professional and personal. SFI benefits anyone and the more that you appeal to the various types of people out there looking for the "1 special thing that can be called their own". SFI is that #1 thing that they can call their own by the way you disclose how SFI attracted you and what you hope to gain from being with SFI and what the benefits are now and what you hope to achieve in the future.

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