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    Friday, February 26, 2016

    Human Overpopulation in Bangladesh

    Human Overpopulation” is another big problem in our country that might be responsible for many economic, social and political problems.

    The world population is projected in 2050 would be around 11 billion while Asia will reach 5.3 billion.  This will impact to our supply of fresh water, food, and economy. The water supply predicted to be worsening if the population can’t be controlled. According to the statistics, Bangladesh will be one of the nine nations whose will hold half of world population (Wikipedia).  The development of a nation mainly depends on how a country using its resources. Population is considered as human resource and its contribution largely impact in country economy. But when it becomes too large then it creates problem rather than benefits. In prospective of Bangladesh, the density is 1,033.5/km2 and the population is more than 160 million while the total area 147,570 km2 only (Wikipedia/Bangladesh). It is said that illiteracy is the main cause of rapid growth of population. I discussed with some educated female friends whose have said that it will completely depend on their husband. Male decide how much child they want. However, they can understand the fact but the lack of willingness and mutual understanding become the barrier to family planning. This over population is threat for our food security as we are agro based country and land for food production limited. The rapid growth of population is main cause of poverty. The population growth rate is too high that no programs of poverty reduction can cope with it to improve the situation. Many NGOs and donors countries are also implementing poverty alleviation programmes through micro-credit finance and other ways. But all these robust programmes are being washed away by the powerful waves of rapid population growth. The negative impact of population not only responsible for poverty but also for number of crime, unemployment problem, traffic jam, housing problem, foods supply, access energy, education, clothing, health, environment and other human needs. There have no excess land for housing thus building a new house means reduction of cultivate land. 

    My family is one example of large family. We are 10 siblings living together with parents. My father felt proud saying that he has six sons and four daughters. If we had a small family then we could live standard and father could ensure education for my siblings. The first son of my father left schooling due to shortage of money. He had to look after his younger brothers and sisters when father had to go outside and mother busy with indoor activities. I was born in after 5 brothers and 1 sister while my whole family depends only on father’s income. So the money he could manage only used for feeding. I have completed my pre-primary education in Brac School then went to formal primary school at class four. Since my childhood we faced clothing problem, bedding problem, lack of fund for education and unmentionable crisis in life. After completing my Higher Secondary Certificate with my brothers’ help and institutions’ poor funds, I started house teaching to continue my Bachelor degree.

    It was my good luck that I could continue my study where most of my brothers and sisters left education at the earlier stage.  We supposed to do something so that nobody will have to face these terrible situations. Due to unemployment problem many of them are involving with crime and practicing unethical activities. One of the reasons many international terrorist groups targeting this country is human overpopulation and mass young generations. So, creating employment for young entrepreneurs from micro-finance and small loan facilities can bring positive change in economy. However, we should work for raising awareness about human overpopulation. 

    image reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_overpopulation#/media/File:Dhaka_street_crowds.jpg

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