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    Wednesday, March 2, 2016

    Bondhon Volunteer Group-Activites 2016

    A newspaper have covered our (Bondhon Volunteers Group's) activities. we have targeted to write emergency numbers, social awareness arts and religious sentences on our locality. Around 200 places was selected. Many business organizations, educational institutions, wealth personals are providing financial support to cover expenses. We are around 30 members working together and we are also loyal to our Ward Councillor Advocate Saleh Ahmed, and Amena begum Rumi. They showed their interest on1st march 2016 about this project.

    Emergency Numbers
    Bondhon Volunteer Group

    Mohammed Abdul Aziz
    As Sylhet is in critical regions due to geographical reasons. So, earthquake and other man made disaster can make worst situation here. To prepare ourselves, the awareness among people is more important. Nevertheless, the police, fire service, blood donation organizations and ambulance service contact number may not be found in emergency. So , we should keep them everywhere to get whenever we want. We believe our 10 NO Ward would be one of the ideal Ward in Sylhet City that has preparation of any unexpected circumstance. share it !!!! ‪#‎collaborationwithaziz‬

    Newspaper: Holysylhet24.com

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