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    Monday, April 11, 2016

    Community School- Gashitula, Mukambari, Sylhet-3100

    I have established a Community School (1 February, 2016) that will facilitate underprivileged children in their initial stage of learning. I was also a student of community school where I could learn many social and cultural activities. I can remember those days at a glance.

    Gashitula is one of the overpopulated areas in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Most of the people came from different regions of Bangladesh and work as day laborer. They become demotivated to send their children in formal schools and supportive institutions. For this reason, we ( Rajib, Jahangir, Milon, Shamim and me ) started a supporting institution to provide extra care like home tutors. We are providing services with $3-$4 (monthly) and some are getting support for free.

    As the Coaching (Neuron Coaching Home) is not full time, so I started to rethink about my previous plan for "Community School". Then Shared my plan to contribute society. Most of the friends were agree but they couldn't ensure financial help to run the school. I had plan to provide free books, pencils, and other materials. The determination of my goal compelled me to start from my own funds then hope I will able to start classes of  it from next month. I am still a student and my monthly income not more than $ 100. But I started, and I know everybody should start to serve his/her community whatever he/she have. I will spend maximum amount of my monthly income to my community school. At least I feel satisfaction with my emotional decision. I faced problem during every stage of education and I want  to work for such society where education will be free  (like air we receive and can't  live a moment without breathing. )

    I believe " Nothing is impossible to a willing mind", Be connected with this blog to get update of my school and you can contact via email : collaborationwithaziz@gmail.com, you can follow hash tag in twitter, facebook and google plus #CollaborationWithAziz and can send instant message in skype : mr.aziz2027.

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