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    Thursday, October 20, 2016

    Global Handwashing Day 2016 celebration

    School For SDG4-Global Handwashing Day

    15th October is globally celebrated Global Handwashing day in theme of Make Handwashing a Habit to increase awareness and understanding about the necessity of handwashing. 

    The 2016 Global Handwashing Day theme was to “Make Handwashing a Habit!” For handwashing to be effective it must be practiced in key times, for example: after using the toilet or before eating food. While habits must be developed over time, this theme emphasizes the importance of handwashing as a ritual behavior for long-term sustainability. Habit formation is currently a hot topic in behavior change and the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector. This theme taps into that interest and is also a gateway to discussing what the sector knows about how habits are formed.  For more

    Global Handwashing Day 2016

    On that day, School For SDG4 arranged program in collaboration with Rotary Club Sylhet International University. Arond 15 volunteers joined to make the program successful. The day was good learning session for children as they also participated to wash their hand practically. Around 25 children has participated in the Campaign. Each of the children got a shoap after the hand washing practical program. They had much more attention to learn about health tips from guests. 

    Why you should wash your hand?

    Your hands are the major pathways of germ transmission during health care. For this reason, hygiene of hands are the most important measure to avoid harmful germs and prevent deseases.

    Such Awarness and understanding about necessity of Handwashing will help children to make successful the theme "Make handwashing a Habit" . School For SDG4 should give thanks to all people who worked to make the program successful and effective.

    Here is a local newpapers' report about the program SylheterSomoy


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