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    Tuesday, February 28, 2017

    Role of Digital Marketing

    Role of Digital Marketing- Road to 2030

    In general, Digital marketing is a way of digital advertising your and/or third party products and services to your actual and/or potential buyers/viewers by developing online marketing plan. Undoubtedly, The Role of Digital Marketing to reach customers are huge as it makes easy to target actual customers and fulfill your commercial intent.

    Important Tools of Digital marketing

    There are many important strategic tools can be used in digital marketing. Among them, most common and popular tools you will find
    • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) 
    • Content Marketing 
    • Video Marketing 
    • Social Media Management (SMM) 
    • Affiliate Marketing 
    • Email Marketing 

    Some attractive career opportunities are waiting for you when you are Expert in Digital Marketing, These includes :-

    Opportunity to work as a member of digital marketing team and opportunity to show your leadership skill in teamwork. 
    Opportunity to find job in digital marketing agencies and/or establish your own agency. 
    Opportunity to play role in e-commerce industry as a Digital Marketer.
    Role of Digital Marketing-SEOThe role of digital marketing in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sectors are growing day by day. So this sector are looking for balance both traditional and digital media marketing strategies to maximize their revenue stream, reduce their marketing cost and redesign their 4P’s (Marketing Mix) in context of Digital marketing.
    Opportunity to play role in software industry as a digital marketer. Every growing software companies are hiring digital marketers to continue their business expansion and fulfill customers need by providing products/service related information through digital marketers. 
    Online marketplace are best way to find all above sectors (1-5), however you will find varieties of work excluding mentioned fields. It depends on your skills and experience you have in any specific skill.
    If your are looking for own business but you have no products, Affiliate Marketing is be best field. Most of the commercial blogs practice affiliate marketing.

    What is SEO in marketing?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of implementing different strategies, techniques to grow the number of visitors in your sites (websites, blogs) by ensuring good

    Role of Digital marketing-SEO
    Role of Digital marketing-SEO-Road To 2030
    rank in search engine result page. By SEO, you are helping your potential visitors to find your website easily.

    What is Content Marketing?

    Content are not only articles which is written in text format in your website or blog but also other online materials including videos, slides, audios, social media posts, pictures that are used to promote brand image and generate sales fuels.

    What is video marketing? 

    Video marketing is a marketing your products and services using videos. Nowadays, companies upload customers testimonials in different video marketing platform and their own website to promote their brand image.

    What is Social Media Management? 

    Managing different social media like twitter, facebook, google plus and others in efficient and effective way is known as social media management. It also includes, analyze engagement report, grow organic audience and attract audience through social media marketing.

    Here is a 
    celebration video of US- Embassy Dhaka which has more than 40 million fans on facebook. US embassy Dhaka is the first embassy in the world which reached 40 million facebook fans because of strong social media management.

    What is Affiliate Marketing? 

    Affiliate marketing is a types of marketing goods and services from your own blogs and websites to receive commissions of other retails companies. To do this, generally an affiliate marketer define pros and cons of a specific product as the visitors are convinced to buy the products from referral website such as Amazon and Ebay.

    We are looking for updating our content on Role of Digital Marketing as per your feedback. Thank you.

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