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    Saturday, June 17, 2017

    Searching for Charitable School to Donate? We are Now Blogging on Steemit

    Charitable School to donate on Steemit

    As School For SDG4 is a charitable school to donate, we are looking for public donation and some alternative sources of revenue. The revenue will help our charitable school to create  more impact in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Our low cost high impact charitable school provides quality education to underprivileged children. If you are searching for a charitable school to donate on steemit, please visit @schoolforsdg4 ( A School For Social and Educational Development of Underprivileged Children.) and read our update blog posts. 

    How the steemit works?

    Steemit is a blokchain system social media platform where users are paid for there valuable content uploading, upvoting on post and resteem the post. Watch the video for more information about steemit.

    Why School For SDG4 on Steemit.com?

    As we are active on social media to promoting our charitable school, we choose steemit for blogging. The platform will help anyone to earn revenue for any project too. Our charitable school is donated by users sometimes. We are available in other social media like





    Google +

    Now we are Happy To announce that we are going to invest our time on STEEMIT. Read our very recent post on steemit.

    Hello Steemers ??? I need your Attention and HELP to Go UK for Training

    Shakira Mebarak (WAKA WAKA) says "Education should be your birthright, not a luxury."

    ⇛Please Follow and Upvote us always on Steemit for good reasons⇐

    School for SDG4's steemit profile https://steemit.com/@schoolforsdg4

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