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    Monday, April 23, 2018

    Women Empowerment's Sunday Class. (20 April, 2018)

    Dear Supporters,

    You might know that Women Empowerment is a social business project founded by Mohammed Abdul Aziz which works with some underprivileged women in a slum area in Bangladesh. The main objective of the program is to facilitate local underprivileged women and help them to empower themselves.

    The social business project was founded on 7 January 2017 with around 20 slum women. We have shifted our training place from where we started. Now we have classes in @SchoolForSDG4 campus.

    Today we are going to share our Monday class ( 20 April 2018) with you!

    Steem blockchain helps women
    Mohammed Abdul Aziz with Women Empowerment

    In the picture, I am with our trainees on 20 April 2018.I was tired after the long school class with School For SDG4 . I am so happy to have support from all over the world for them.

    The steemit blockchain helping me to raise fund for the kids and my Women empowerment Project is also growing here.

    Steem blockchain helping women
    Trainees of Women Empowerment were learning 
    The underprivileged women of Women Empowerment were learning how to take measurements of clothes and then cut it with appropriate measurement.

    They have wished to start their own business and change their future. They wish to support their family from their earning. As the founder of @WomenEmpowerment, I would like to open a shop where people will make custom order clothes and I will able to find some profit to expand my projects.

    The sister project of @WomenEmpowerment have a good support from steemians and we are so happy that we could connect our supports live during the 2 years birthday party of @SchoolForSDG4 .

    Do you want to see our Birthday video?

    Make comment and stay in touch with our blog! We would like to make more impact in our community.

    Steem blockchain helping underprivileged women

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    We have some development going on at School For SDG4. We are going to use this new room for training and school classes. Also, we can use the room for Women Empowerment. 

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