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    Tuesday, May 15, 2018

    We started an Awareness Campaign to Save our River

    You might know that I am working on my project called Dirty Sylhet. The "Dirty Sylhet" began its journey in October 2017. We wanted to create evidence of uncollected rubbish around our city by taking pictures and related information. The main purpose of the evidence collection is to post on Dirty Sylhet facebook page and share it with local leaders, community volunteers and engage more people.
    On 04 May 2018, We made an awareness campaign by sharing posters in different areas in our small locality. The posters were given by a club in Sylhet City. Me and my friends and other youths working on the issue to implement it under the Dirty Sylhet banner.
    Waste management is one of the important tasks as we are close to a river. Due to lack of awareness, people throw rubbish in the river.
    Before we cleaned the rubbish
    After we cleaned the rubbish
    We are also planning to set up rubbish collection boxes in our area. This will be needed for a huge fund. We will sit with local community members and will discuss our plan. Then we will fundraise for the rubbish collection boxes from locality as well as from personal networks.
    4 May 2018
    The drain is full of rubbish.
    We already made a budget for it and talked with rubbish collection box distributors. As an individual, I will also participate in the fundraising campaign and also will donate for the rubbish box installation. I don't want to fundraise here more specifically. It will be an extra liability for me to manage the fund. But of course, I will share our progress of the awareness campaign and how we are installing the boxes and implementing the idea.

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