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    Road To 2030

    Road To 2030 is for 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals which discuss about Human Rights, Quality Education, and Social Issues.

    About Us

    The Road to 2030 is a project which discuss about Global 17 Sustainable Development Goals and act with global targets by making strong network among youths and experts. In this blog, we share our activities and project related works along with discussion about major issues we face globally.

    There is a little point to work alone when strengths are in numbers. So, we invite you to share your thoughts on Education , Human Rights , Autism , Environment , Technology and other social issues through email : theroadto2030(at)gmail.com . We will consider to share your ideas in our website to make better world together. Your ideas will help other young social activist  and experts to find solution and address those more importantly. In turn, we  will  make the world more sustainable.

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    Mohammed Abdul Aziz
    Road To 2030


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